I made a mistake with my order. How do I change it?

Email us at digital@zagskis.com , detailing the order number and the error.

I started an order but didn’t finish it. Will I be charged?

No. Payment will only be processed for completed orders.

What bindings should be used with ZAG skis?

All ski bindings should be compatible with Zag skis. Choose the bindings best suited to your use, you size and experience and don’t forget to specify ski brakes of appropriate width.

Where can I find ski brakes of suitable width?

- Ski shops usually carry a range of ski brakes in differing widths.

- At www.zagskis.com . If you order skis with bindings from our site, the ski brakes will be the correct width!

I am an instructor/mountain guide/patroller. Do you offer any special “pro” deals?

There are special pro rates available here.

Are bindings included in the price of the skis?

No. The prices shown for each ski model on the website are for one pair of skis only, un-mounted.

Is the Adret or Ubac sold complete with skins?

No, you have the choice to buy your ski with or without skins.

How do I know my boot length in mm?

The boot length will be stamped on the side of the heels of your boots.

How long is the delivery time for a pair of skis?

Skis are sent with DPD or TNT carrier. It takes approximately 2 days for delivery within France and 1 week to 10 days for international delivery.

If I place an order from outside France, will the price of my order include sales tax (VAT)?

VAT is included on prices for EU countries. VAT is not included on prices for non EU countries.

Do I have to be present at the delivery address to ensure I get my skis?

No. If you are out, the carrier service will phone you in order to plan another delivery date.

If I order from outside the EU, can I have the order sent to an address within the EU?

No or you will to have to pay the French VAT (20%), please get in touch with us before. 

If I place an order and am not a European citizen, will I be liable for import taxes?

Yes. The amount will be defined by your custom.

Can I change the currency?

No, there is only €.